Friday, 16 September 2016

Fight against zero hours, zero rights, zero respect workplaces.

Young Unite activist, Chris Trestrail has organised Aberdeen's first Better Than Zero meeting on 30th September in the Belmont Cinema at 6.30pm.

Chris said, "This is a real chance for us to grow a solid and active socialist youth movement in the city. Please come along and join us to plan local events."  

Chris added, "The Better than Zero campaign is a group of young trade unionists, precarious workers and creative campaigners who are fed up of bad bosses who think they’re beyond reproach. We want to fight back against the bullies, and use the skills in a collective project against zero hours, zero rights and zero respect workplaces."

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Thursday, 1 September 2016

Next ATUC delegates meeting will be held on Wed 7th September. All delegates and associates are welcome

The next ATUC Delegates meeting will take place on Wed 7th September 2016 at 7.30pm, in ATUC premises, John Londragan House, 22A Adelphi, Aberdeen.

Kate Ramsden, ATUC President said, "We have the usual packed agenda, with two speakers. Renee Slater will be addressing delegates on the harbour development at Nigg Bay. Fiona Napier, of SPSC will seek support for the SPSC Aberdeen member and friend of the ATUC, Ally Coutts, who is due to appear in court on 9th Sept in connection with alleged offences whilst protesting against the Jericho staff in Union Square. See post below for further information.

"Other agenda items include the 150th Anniversary of ATUC events in 2018, the 80th Anniversary of Spanish Civil War events/commemoration as well as the St Andrews Day March and Rally 2016 and the ATUC Annual Report 2016."

"We hope to see as many delegates there as possible and visitors are also welcome," added Kate

Sunday, 28 August 2016

We need your support: Stand up for the right to free speech, September 9th, 10am outside Aberdeen Sheriff Court.

Aberdeen Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign is calling on trade unionists and concerned citizens to stand up for the right to free speech, and come along and support activist Ally Coutts on Friday September 9th, at 10am outside Aberdeen Sheriff Court.

 Aberdeen resident and human rights campaigner, Ally was arrested, detained for 7 hours and charged with “Acting in a racially aggravated manner with intent to cause distress and alarm" for simply saying “Viva Palestina” next to the Jericho Cosmetics stall in Union Square, Aberdeen.

Jericho Cosmetics sell products derived from minerals illegally extracted from occupied Palestinian territories surrounding the Dead Sea. The extraction and commercialisation of resources from an occupied territory by the occupant is prohibited by UN resolutions and the Fourth Geneva Convention ( Notably, Palestinians have no access to such resources - the exclusive access of resources to a section of the population based on ethnicity amounts to apartheid as defined by the UN.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Say No to Jericho's Stolen Resources - Sign the petition today

Please sign and share this online petition at 38 Degrees from Scottish Palestinian Solidarity Campaign SPSC Aberdeen, calling on Union Square and Trinity Centre to distance themselves from the theft of resources and human right abuses by removing Jericho Cosmetics stalls from their premises.

The Dead Sea products company Jericho Cosmetics trades from stalls in Aberdeen’s Union Square and Trinity Centre. Their products are made with minerals illegally extracted by Israeli authorities from occupied Palestinian territories surrounding the Dead Sea.

For the past few months, SPSC Aberdeen has been campaigning against the stalls by leafleting Saturday shoppers and  urging them to boycott Jericho cosmetics.

Campaigns in Glasgow, Dundee and Edinburgh have resulted in the closure of Dead Sea cosmetics stalls in shopping centres across Scotland. Let's make sure Aberdeen follows!

Please sign and share widely:

Thursday, 4 August 2016

ATUC sends support and solidarity to Unite and RMT in their 48 hour strike to protect pay and conditions for Wood Group offshore workers.

Aberdeen Trades Union Council send support and solidarity once again to our Unite and RMT colleagues in the North Sea offshore oil and gas sector who have begun a 48-hour strike today after company managers rejected an offer from trade unions.

The Unite website has the following statement about the action.

"Workers in the trade unions Unite and RMT will go ahead with the planned stoppage as part of an ongoing dispute with employers Wood Group. The workers are facing a massive cut in pay and allowances of up to 30 per cent.

In last-minute meetings this week, unions had offered to suspend the strike if the company agreed to remove their current proposal in full to allow for further consultation and negotiation. The company refused.

Unite regional officer John Boland said: “We are extremely disappointed that Wood Group has decided to continue its attack on the pay and allowances of offshore workers. We repeat our call for proper consultation and negotiation.

“Industrial action is always a last resort and throughout this dispute we have constructively sought to find a resolution. We need to look forward and work towards a sustainable solution.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Commemorate Hiroshima at the Aberdeen CND gathering in Union Terrace Gardens on Sat 6th August at 2pm.

This year Aberdeen Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) will be holding their annual gathering to commemorate Hiroshima Day on Saturday 6th August at 2.00pm, in Union Terrace Gardens in Aberdeen. 

The rules of the garden do not allow  organised speakers but there will be two minutes silence at 2.30pm when, weather permitting, those attending and able, will be asked to lie down.

One of the organisers, Jonathan Russell said, "We encourage you all to come along with your family and remember the families who died on that day in 1945. 

"Bring flowers and candles so that we can make a peace symbol. 

"Come along with musical instruments to play appropriate music and a picnic so that you can sit awhile afterwards."

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Local trade unionists gear up to take Unions into Schools

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Ten trade unionists from four unions six local union branches attended the STUC's Unions into Schools Training in Aberdeen on Saturday 30th July.

Tutored by Terry Anderson, the lively ATUC organised training session equipped the activists to go into schools and provide training on such trade union issues as employment rights and equality in the workplace.

Branch chair, Kate Ramsden said, "It was an excellent session which looked at the background to the STUC's Unions into Schools programme and the many successes it has had in terms of informing young people about the benefits of trade unionism and encouraging their participation.

"The STUC materials are up to date and relevant and we are all looking forward to getting involved in providing this input to local schools.

"With huge thanks to Laura McDonald for organising the event, to Brian Carroll for the venue and to Terry Anderson for his excellent tutoring. Thanks also to Pauline Walker at the STUC for facilitating the programme."

Click here to find out more on the STUC Unions into Schools webpage